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Linus “All Night” feat J. Logik

Jan 02, 2014 Comments Off by

“If there we’re lights that covered an entire ceiling- and it was taking my oxygen. Wait…yeah. Being in a glass case with lights surrounding it. Either changing colors or flashing. Showcasing having no where to go and going through the different colors of lights or ‘emotions’… Emo Rappers delight.” – Jim Linus 2014.01.02 LISTEN on iTunes

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Linus “Hit The Lights” Feat Cally Kline

Jan 02, 2014 Comments Off by

“There were some louder synths in the main riff of the song- idk what happened to them. Maybe it was something everyone voted against before the final mix? idk. I laughed because i immediatly wanted to make this song sarcastic or funny. “hit the lights” like ‘bitch you ugly, turn dem off’ WE CAN LAUGH […]

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Linus “Covered in Gold”

Jan 01, 2014 Comments Off by

“I like to sing so thats why the beginning is like that. The first verse is an exaggerated version of a true story. That sounds like an R. Kelly Album title.. The No A/C-Heated Remarks- and I see (icy) thing was a cool spin on words.  Its my favorite. Covered in gold doesn’t mean a Queen […]

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Linus “Rap God” Video

Dec 03, 2013 Comments Off by

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