JHShow 37 LIVE

Feb 26, 2014 Comments Off by

The very first attempt at broadcasting the podcast live on Spreaker.com. We discuss the future of Comeuppence, being a we vs a me, big al interviews for a job, trying to wake up Linus… just listen. Vidcast coming soon.

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Linus “Covered in Gold”

Jan 01, 2014 Comments Off by

“I like to sing so thats why the beginning is like that. The first verse is an exaggerated version of a true story. That sounds like an R. Kelly Album title.. The No A/C-Heated Remarks- and I see (icy) thing was a cool spin on words.  Its my favorite. Covered in gold doesn’t mean a Queen […]

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JHShow 06 Bombings

Apr 20, 2013 Comments Off by

  We discuss Boston, West Texas and more… Links to stuff we discussed: http://www.snopes.com/politics/conspiracy/boston.asp http://hollywoodlife.com/2013/04/19/boston-bombing-crime-scene-pic-martin-richard-dzhokar-tsarnaev-photo/ SUBSCRIBE on iTunes

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JHShow 05 Hate Solid Tomatoes? So Do We

Apr 14, 2013 Comments Off by

  Jim explains his daddy issues, Joel introduces some new projects, it’s funny. As promised IN the podcast, here is that pic of Jim… Thanks for listening…

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